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In Memory Of Christian D. Kolojeski

Christian David Kolojeski
Born December 13, 1974
Went To Be With God October 22,2006
In his short life he touched many people
in many different ways
Christian struggled for many years of iv drug abuse
although he cleaned himself up the last few years
the effects still took his life
He contacted Hep C
and in the end his liver failed and went into a coma
The reason I am telling this is because If it can
stop one person from putting a needle in their arm
then my son did not die in vain
so please anyone out there that reads this
if you or someone you know used oruses iv drugs
please stop and think hard before you put that needle
in your arm the first time
or the next needle in your arm
that what happened to my son can
Thank for taking the time to read this
Love Marlene aka Gippiemojo

Christian is saldly missed by his mother, sisters, brothers, neices, nephews , and the many friends that he touched thoughout the years

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